from the vaults: messy daredevil

5 03 2010

This was e over the last summer, what I call his Daniel Craig phase. He had his first major haircut, which he got at Chinatown. It took three adults to hold still his screaming little head.

e was getting really good at climbing around over the summer, developing more confidence with his coordination, and here’s a typical example of his derring-do:

and again, this time with his blankie:

One of the smartest things we (okay, my wife) did was notice that e had particular affection for a certain felt-y fabric from the craft store and cut out several large swatches of it — one for his bed, one for our bed, one for the car, one for his grandparents’ house, etc. — so that we were always within arm’s reach of his blankie.

Here’s e trying to get a handle on eating yogurt and fruit with a spoon. Bib still needed.

And several clips of him eating watermelon. Man, he really likes watermelon.

Next week (or so): reading.