from the vaults

17 02 2010

So I’ve had on backburner a bunch of videos that I’ve always meant to chop together into, I don’t know, something, but — of course — never got around to it. Looking back on them recently, I realized they’re sentimentally great on their own, sans music or editing, and they remind me of how much change e has gone through.

First, two clips of e at his 100 day celebration. Here’s him putting on his han-bok (traditional Korean dress).

And here’s a bunch of people eating at the buffet. Okay, so this one is not that interesting.

Here’s e around that time, I think. He’s pretty helpless, unable even to crawl, really.

Here’s him a bit later, climbing the stairs. Sorry about the quality of the video; it was dark in the stairwell.

More stairs, better visibility.

Okay, this next one is fairly long (4 minutes) and features e complaining in babyspeak. I forgot how chunky he used to be. Very cute when he’s cranky.

Fast forward a few months, e is mobile. He’s lost the goose-down hair and some of the baby fat. He knows a few words, but still speaks mostly gobbledygook. His articulation is clearer, though, and it’ll be no time at all before he’ll start challenging my Korean.

Next week: e now.