On a bicycle built for two

23 07 2009

One of the more noticeable changes in e is his command of the language. A couple weeks back he started becoming obsessed with bulldozers and the word “bulldozer” (which he pronounced “bull-dojo”) — to the point where he would wake up and chant “bulldozer” 50 times in a row. It’s pretty encouraging for a word aficionado like me to witness my son latch on to a multi-syllabic word like that and fixate on it. Having a lot of construction in our neighborhood further encourages him, too. (He’s only recently beginning to learn to distinguish between a bulldozer and, say, a backhoe — “bucko” to him).

Shortly soon after he added to his register of favorite things’n’words “bicycle.” He’d want to fondle my bike when he’s in the basement, and he becomes intensely interested in other kids’ bikes and trikes. Like this one that was lying idle at the park:


To accommodate him we recently purchased a CoPilot Taxi and a bike helmet:


I kind of hate that I’ve lost the use of my bike rack, which I used to strap my U + cable lock onto. And e is only kind of eager on going on bike rides with me; he’ll tend to either fall asleep in the CoPilot or scream about having to wear a helmet.

And I think now he’s entering a train obsession phase.




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24 07 2009

One of my earliest memories (before the age of 3, which according to scientists is impossible) is of riding behind my dad on a bicycle. I can’t say whether my father thought I enjoyed it, or if I screamed, or if I simply fell asleep like E does. But I can say that it had enough of an impact on me at the time that it’s the only memory I have before the age of 5. Ride with him more 🙂

24 07 2009

i, for one, have no idea what a “backhoe” is.

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