Scribble: Deadly Vows

29 07 2009

I’ve started re-attending my writer’s group now that the school year’s over. Here’s a scribble I made from our last meeting:

It was her lips and tongue that bled first and not from gashes cleft and gaping nor even from the sores that soon appeared, but the crimson droplets arriving like an annunciation, like a stigmata, the kiss of Christ blessing the holy crusade of the United States of America. She didn’t know, of course, that it was from the war time effort until half a decade later, as the other girls in her line fell sick with her, passing each other in wheelchairs in hospital hallways — the old gang, the Wildcats of Westbrook, the fountain clique, and the Spirit committee — now a nunnery effacing in their sublimated loves. A venomous glowworm that dug into their marrow and hollowed their bones, slithered down their gullets with a little slip of spit and paint, neon-green — a color that seemed otherworldly, as if it came from behind a far-off star through the slipstream of pulpy fiction. The girls were told to keep their brushes sharp and wet as they painted on the numbers on their dials, the hand-lettered timepieces to their boyfriends, husbands, lovers in future perfect, shining, twinkling, winking even in the blackest of nights by their licks of radium.


First Proper Haircut

24 07 2009

It took two hairdressers in Chinatown, and my wife, to hold e down as he screamed through the shears.

Before & After:


Sure, e’s cut is a bit uneven what with all the squirming and screaming, but I think I got it worse. e has a nicely shaped head; he can sport a close shave.



Please Touch Museum

24 07 2009

I think I already mentioned that e is obsessed with vehicles. After car rides, he wants to climb out of his seat and into mine so that he can press every button on the console and pretend to drive.


He’s also learned to recognize planes, although it took him a while to learn the distinction between them and birds.


It’s for me to gauge what exactly e is thinking — what connections he’s making. I’ve pretty much decided to reserve judgment as a matter of course. Better to just let him explore in an unstructured way for as long as I can.


Another obsession: vacuum cleaners. He loves things that go “whir.” And he loves to push things around.


On the porch.


I love that the Please Touch has a Wonderland area.


Playing piano. e like banging away at the piano and drums at his grandparents’ house, but he seems less interested in the glockenspiel we got him.


e was initially terrified of the carousel. He now seems quite comfortable with it. I wonder when he’ll come around to liking slides and swings. (He mostly just mopes around the playground, climbing up and down steps).


Putting away childish swings

23 07 2009

One of the advantages of having a long summer break is that I can finally get around to tying up some of the loose ends I kept on procrastinating on about during the school year. This blog, for instance.

We have three floors; the first floor is pretty much a basement, and all the bedrooms are on the top floor. e spends most of the day on the second floor where the kitchen-cum-dining room-slash-living room is. His grandmother does a great job of keeping up with his wake of distraction, but Dana and I are more lax in picking up after him. We, uh, want him to learn to pick up after himself — yeah, that’s the ticket.

So anyways Dana and I, in finally getting around to tidying up a little, began with packing up e’s swing, which he was getting a little too big for. It was also getting a little dangerous because he would crawl into it on his own but has had a few incidents where he wasn’t able to crawl out of it as successfully. I wonder with all the times I’ve let him fall on his head whether I’ve permanently affected his phrenology.


On a bicycle built for two

23 07 2009

One of the more noticeable changes in e is his command of the language. A couple weeks back he started becoming obsessed with bulldozers and the word “bulldozer” (which he pronounced “bull-dojo”) — to the point where he would wake up and chant “bulldozer” 50 times in a row. It’s pretty encouraging for a word aficionado like me to witness my son latch on to a multi-syllabic word like that and fixate on it. Having a lot of construction in our neighborhood further encourages him, too. (He’s only recently beginning to learn to distinguish between a bulldozer and, say, a backhoe — “bucko” to him).

Shortly soon after he added to his register of favorite things’n’words “bicycle.” He’d want to fondle my bike when he’s in the basement, and he becomes intensely interested in other kids’ bikes and trikes. Like this one that was lying idle at the park:


To accommodate him we recently purchased a CoPilot Taxi and a bike helmet:


I kind of hate that I’ve lost the use of my bike rack, which I used to strap my U + cable lock onto. And e is only kind of eager on going on bike rides with me; he’ll tend to either fall asleep in the CoPilot or scream about having to wear a helmet.

And I think now he’s entering a train obsession phase.

E and I

23 07 2009

e constantly gets compared to me. Here’s me as a tot:

young kims

Toddler Tom on a blanket:

young tom

and I tried to find a similar pic with e:


What do you think?

She blinded me with science

4 07 2009

Great to-do for families in Philly: Community Night at the Franklin Institute. e’s still a bit young to really interact with much of the exhibits — and he’s still intimidated by crowds of other kids — but he seemed to show a lot of interest on the physics demonstrations on the top floor (Isaac’s Loft).


Afterwards we crossed the street to take in the Swann Fountains at Logan Park: