Photo Update: My Two Loves

20 05 2009



Photo Update: Spring Break with Dad

19 05 2009

Dana and I had staggered spring breaks. Dana had hers first, and pretty much as soon as she was done with hers, I had mine. So I took the opportunity to finally pick up the Nikon and snap some more shots of e hanging out with his “abba.”


We started off with a group date with the Schantzes at the Please Touch Museum. I got there a little early and bought a basic membership, which — if you consider how much use I plan to get out of the place in the summer — is a bargain. Caleigh and Zach, old pros at PTM, ran rings round e, who looked shell-shocked.


In the end, Lori left me with e sleeping on my knees, totally pooped.



The next day began with a trip to Ikea. The key for us was to get there really early, far from a madding crowd. e hasn’t had much socialization at this point, and I wanted to take it easy on him.

e’s a little too small for the designated daycare area, but he enjoyed the ball enclave.


Here’s e with the activity kiosk in the carpet section.



A little downtime, just wandering and playing at home.



Spent some time at Liberty Lands park. e is now obsessed with the bulldozers doing construction there currently. I haven’t yet mentioned how I got e his favorite toy — a bulldozer — for free at a thrift store, have I? He can even say “bull-doh-juh” now. He just loves vehicles of all kinds.


He also loves banging against these pipes on this playground set. We’re going to have to get him a xylophone set.



Spring break ended with me and e taking a stroller sojourn into Old City, where we stopped in on Foster’s Urban Homeware. I kept hearing raves about this place, so I wanted to peruse through. Turns out this place is full of neat stuff I just can’t justify buying in good frugal conscience. If you’re not filled with enough envy, though, this is a great place to window shop.

e seemed to like their kiddy corner. He likes chairs his size. And that giraffe sort of freaked him out.


Photo Update: Eating

18 05 2009


Sometimes e is a voracious eater… sometimes he just flat out refuses to eat. Sometimes he’s very good at trying out new food… other times he’s picky as all heck. We can see a bunch of molars coming out, so we’re hoping that we can start giving him bigger chunks and firmer food to eat.

e loves: strawberries, pineapples (which he called “pah-bo” — the Korean word for “idiot”), apples, mangos, kimchi, chocolate, Annie’s Mac & Cheese, rice, gim (sheets of seaweed — often used to wrap sushi), Goldfish crackers, Cheerios, fruit bars, string cheese, and stuff other people are eating.

I’m not sure if I can think off the top of my head anything e refuses to eat all the time.

e is pretty good with a fork and is getting better eating yogurt with a spoon — and he likes drumming on his tray with chopsticks. Unfortunately, he’s also learning to enjoy belching out loud — like his old man.


Photo Update: Don’t Go Into the Light

18 05 2009

This is Dana making wax models of teeth, and this is e utterly fascinated with her alcohol burner.


Photo Update: Haircut

18 05 2009



NOTE: These were taken in March, I think — which is ages by e’s hair growth standards. I think Sandi did us the favor then by taking a chop to e’s hair. Dana’s given him another haircut recently, which looks fine at times but at other times makes e look like an 80s pop star (especially when tousled).

Photo Update: Bye-Bye

18 05 2009

e does say, “Bye-bye,” but usually only after the other party has gone from sight. When a person leaves our home, e will sometimes rush over to the window to catch them leaving. Sometimes I’ll spot him just staring outside to say “bye-bye” to any car that passes by.


Photo Update: The Reader

18 05 2009

I’m so proud that e is so comfortable around books. When I sit Indian-style on the floor, he’ll grab a book, nestle among my legs, and make me hold the book as he flips through the pages.



Here’s Tom, from Bible study, reading to e before e retires to bed. Tom is, I must say, very very good at reading to my son.