Photo Update: Bathtime Ritual

29 01 2009

Nancy-pants took a bunch of photos of e going through his bathtime ritual just before bed. Thanks — I took the liberty of uploading them to my flickr stream



First Day at the Beach

25 01 2009

I know this has taken a LONG time, but I finally got around to putting together some vid clips together and posting on Vimeo.

This is big-e’s first encounter with the ocean. Even though it’s July in Ocean City (South Jersey), the water has been freakishly freezing all summer.

It was a cool last-minute trip: let’s see the beach, eat pizza, and go back home. My first time at Mac & Manco’s, apparently a summer staple for my wife’s family. I’m not normally a fan of just plain cheese pizza, but they had good plain pizza.

Yeah, I know the resolution’s crappy. I’ve already posted the photos in the vid earlier.

Photo Update: Just Some Stuff Edition

25 01 2009


big-e would look good with a mohawk, right? Somebody help me campaign my significant other to give him a coxcomb.


Oh, I’m not allowed to tell you why Dana is posing to be so gleeful here. Suffice it to say that as a family we’re being closely monitored.

And the rest of these are big-e at work. I’m working on slowly building up a vid of all the toys and games big-e gets through in a day. So here’s some of my source material:


Photo Update: A B-More Christmas

25 01 2009

Man, I know.

So anyways, here’s some of the holiday photos from a Christmas at Baltimore. Elijah’s spent a lot of time with his new toy, a little car/walker. He’s a little too big for the car, but he was on the verge of perambulation.


Photo Update: MLK Day of Service

25 01 2009

Spent much of the long Martin Luther King weekend at work, either doing report card comments or this — service. The middle school traditionally works in the kitchen to prepare food for this day. Lots of hands made quick work, but we had fun doing it.


Of course, the day after, as I was writing up report card comments, I kept dropping in and out of the common area to get snatches of the inauguration.

Photo Update: Powerpuff

5 01 2009


It’s a shame that I’m usually catatonic when I’m hanging out at the in-laws in South Jersey. I miss all the fun these girls have.


Photo Update: Winter’s here

3 01 2009

e in a blue suit


e with kaeli


e’s new hat


frosty the e-man


learning to eat yogurt with a spoon


on santa’s lap