What’s Up Doc?

17 09 2008

big-e’s had some recent visits to the pediatrician’s office. About two weeks ago we brought him in because we were worried he might have an ear infection. He was just recovering from a cold, he wasn’t sleeping well, he seemed constantly cranky, and he kept grabbing at his ears. The doctor said he was fine; that babies tend to grab their ears when they’re frustrated or unhappy.

In fact, big-e was quite content at the doctor’s office. You can see him here with his Penn Charter onesie, which he now fits comfortably in. He crawled around, stared at other kids, read (i.e., manhandled) a book about Oscar the Grouch.


As soon as we left, though, he was upset upset upset. Here he is, his now typical unhappy self, more blue than the Blues Brothers. He got another cold shortly afterwards — which I think he transferred onto me.


Well, we both recovered, and big-e was back at the doc’s today for his 10 month checkup. Once again had a grand old time in the waiting room, babbling, flirting with other kids, rummaging through books.


22 lbs 9 oz. 27 and three-quarters inches tall. 44 cm around the head. We were worried that he wasn’t taking in enough bottled breastmilk during the day, but the pediatrician told us he was growing fine.

He got shots for polio, hepatitis b, and the flu, which he took like a champ. He handles pain better than I do. I think he was reciting an oratory or perhaps running a play-by-play inside the doctor’s office… hmmm, perhaps a blogger in the making.

Of course, as soon as I strapped him into the car seat, he started wailing like a banshee.


Photo Update: Tangled Up in Balloons

16 09 2008

After Dana’s white coat ceremony reception, I asked to snag one of the bunches of balloons that were used to decorate the tables.

Ah, big-e, what a pitiless father you have…


Dana the Dentist

16 09 2008

Dana is a few weeks into dental school at UPenn. Just as the summer wound down, big-e and I visited Mama Teeth for her white coat ceremony:


And… the actual ceremony

Congratulations, Dana. We’re all real proud of you. Now hit the books!

Photo Update: A Day at the Beach

16 09 2008





Visiting Grandmom

16 09 2008


Photo Update (and the reason for it)

16 09 2008

I know I’m putting up a lot of these “Photo Updates,” but here’s the reason why:

The free Flickr account, aside from its monthly upload quota, limits what stays in your photo stream. It doesn’t delete uploaded photos, but it removes them from your personal space. So, in other words, after you’ve uploaded your photos, after a month or so, they’ve looked like they’ve disappeared, but in reality, they’re just not accessible from your personal space on flickr. I found this out after I looked for an old photo for elijah to no avail in my space, but then found it once I searched for “elijah,” which I luckily added as a label to that photo.

A workaround to this limitation is posting thumbnails of photos somewhere (here) and thereby creating a rough-and-ready catalog of photos off the flickr site.

Hence the constant “Photo Updates.” I have a plan to comment on some of these photos in more detail later on.

e’s wild hair


Chewing on a cucumber


e’s first cheerios


trip to adventure aquarium