Photo Update: Summer Life

20 08 2008



taking baths…


playing in the pool with friends and cousins…


trying new foods (here he’s sucking on a lemon, which didn’t seem to phase him at the time, but I’m glad I got his facial expressions here in these rapid shots) …


those last few pictures show Big E playing with a block of ice, which Dana and I shaved into a nice cool dessert (Paht Bing Soo in Korean, Kakigori in Japanese)…



Photo Update: First Tooth

20 08 2008


Big E’s tooth, shown here in an earlier state, has grown and sharpened into a sharp little crag in his mouth. I dare you to put your finger in his mouth.


Giant Microbes

20 08 2008


What you see here is my son wanting to get the clap. His cousins call it their “squid,” but we noticed on the label that it really is, indeed, a giant doll of a gonorrhea cell. Giant Microbes also sells cute fuzzy versions of other venereal diseases as well as calamities,maladies, critters, even benign coroporeal cells.

After having listened to a recent This American Life show, we’re paranoid to heck about this particular little menace. Compared to that, little blue gonorrhea looks downright lovable.


Also noteworthy: For you crafty types, pick up Creepy Cute Crochet for crochet patterns of, among other things, the grim reaper and Cthulu.

Photo Update: First time at the Shore

6 08 2008

The plan today is to take a day trip to Atlantic City and enjoy the free beach.

I leave you with my pictures of Big E’s first experience of The Shore a few weeks back.

(Having grown up in Maryland and gone every summer to the other Ocean City, I still find it weird that New Jersey beaches are just collectively called “The Shore”)

20080709-DSC_0002.jpg 20080709-DSC_0004.jpg20080709-DSC_0005.jpg20080709-DSC_0007.jpg20080709-DSC_0009.jpg20080709-DSC_0010.jpg20080709-DSC_0011.jpg20080709-DSC_0012.jpg

We arrived in the evening, and the water was freezing. <p>Apparently, <a href=””>it’s been that way all summer</a>. I think Big E is traumatized of the ocean. We’ll see today. You’ll notice that Kaeli is not enjoying the detrital smell.</p>


Heather’s stepmom and half-sister met us there on the beach. Big E liked the sand, of course. I like that the beach was largely deserted.


We ended the evening with slices from Mac & Manco’s: some of the best pizza I’ve ever had — almost certainly the best plain pizza I’ve ever had.


Shine On You Crazy UFO

6 08 2008

Long “tracking shot” of Big E on the exersaucer, to the tune of Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts VI-IX”